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CarPro Denim Pad 2000 Grit 5"

Carpro / Tools - Manual

CarPro Denim Pad 2000 Grit 5"


No more sanding! Go for the Orange Peel Removal Pad!

  • Reduce heavy orange peel and deep defects while simultaneously polishing paint without sanding
  • Equivalent to 2000 grit sandpaper without the dulling of paint and sanding haze
  • Breather perforations to avoid paint dust buildup on the pad and help keep the heat down
  • Less dust and clean up prior to finishing polish

CarPro Denim Pad is an aggressive denim faced pad designed to gently eliminate heavy orange peel in the top layer of your paint without sanding. Geared towards low-quality aftermarket re-paints where orange peel is common, the bumpy texture reduces the paint’s ability to shine which makes the paint reflection appear dull, lifeless and blurry. Equivalent to 2000 grit sandpaper, the CarPro Denim Pad removes the bumpy texture of severe orange peel, paint runs, and dust nibs quickly without leaving sanding marks. Apart from the leveling ability of sandpaper, this pad combines the polishing ability of a compound, meaning that while removing orange peel and deep defects, the pad polishes the paint at the same time.

CarPro Denim Pad is a professional grade tool which requires knowledge of paint systems and advanced paint correction techniques to use effectively. Unlike traditional sanding, this pad saves you a lot of time and effort because you are actually polishing the paint as you remove the orange peel. The 5.25 inches pad features a hook and loop backing for fast attachment to the 5 inches backing plates. And it is designed for use with a rotary polisher only.


  • Only use these pads if you are sure the orange peel is in the upper (clear coat) and not the color coat layer
  • Be careful near edges and body lines or avoid completely if you are not entirely secure in your knowledge of heavy defect removal
  • Do not use without sufficient skill level
  • Do not use without the knowledge of clear coat thickness in conjunction with a paint thickness gauge

Step By Step:

  1. Attach to hook & loop backing plate with rotary polisher for best results
  2. Apply a few drops of polishing compound to paint or pad according to your skills and preference
  3. Work a 2’ x 2’ section or larger to keep the heat down as needed but remember the larger the area the more time it will take to level orange peel and defects
  4. Begin working polish on low speed for a pass, begin with little or no pressure
  5. Step up speed to approximately 1100-1200 rpm (adjust as needed)
  6. With proper lighting observe the level of orange peel removal while you work
  7. Apply more polish if needed or a spray of water on pad to extend the polishing time
  8. When satisfied with orange peel and defect removal. Change to slow speed, ending at 600 rpm as you finish down the polish
  9. Refine finish with a foam pad or a microfiber towel
  10. Brush pad in direction of fibers to remove residue
  11. Rinse pad and allow to dry before next use
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