Carpro / Deep clean

CarPro Iron X, 4L

Carpro / Deep clean

CarPro Iron X, 4L


Unparallel iron decontamination power, Iron X original

  • Safe - It is acid-free, and pH neutral (pH 6-7)
  • Efficient - It removes Iron particles and prevents the spread of iron-related damage in a quick treatment. Helps protecting your vehicle from paint system failure
  • Effective - Applicable on all solid car surfaces, as well as aluminum, chrome, alloy, or clear coated wheels, and it will not deteriorate clear coats
  • Coloring effect - the water-soluble complex turns the transparent liquid to purple or red, makes it easy to wipe or rinse

Iron X is a highly efficient, acid-free and pH balanced iron remover. It safely breaks down ferrous metallic contamination and removes rush spots that may prematurely deteriorate clear coat. You can now save tons of time in the laborious claying process as Iron X has proven with unparallel decontamination effects that traditional car care regimes could not compare. Thanks to the unique chemical ingredients, it effectively dissolves the sintered iron by forming a water-soluble complex which turns the transparent liquid to purple or red color when it works into the dirt and grime. The coloring effect also makes Iron X easier to wipe or rinse off.

From now on, your car surface can be clean, glassy smooth and free from any iron-related damage. Iron X is effective for use on all car surfaces, paint, plastic, chrome, glass and alloy wheels. After using it, the results from your polish, glaze, sealant and wax that used afterward can be largely enhanced too. And Iron X original, is still the best acid-free iron fallout remover that stop ongoing damage immediately as well as prevent future damage from happening as it removes ferrous particles in a safe, fast and effective manner!

CarPro Iron X is highly recognized in the industry with several winning awards, including CarPro Iron-X | #1 “Product of the Year- APC/Bug & Tar Remover” Fahrzeugpflege Forum CarPro Iron-X | “Best Wheel Cleaner” via Detailing World


  • Avoid using on Fabric Convertible tops or rubber that contains recycled tires
  • Use outside or in well ventilated area
  • Avoid prolonged contact with skin, recommend wearing rubber gloves and wash your hands right after
  • Avoid inhalation
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets

Step by step:

  1. Wash and rinse vehicle with water, dry-off
  2. Shake Bottle
  3. Spray Iron X across the contaminated area or entire vehicle
  4. After 2-5 minutes, while contaminants change color to purple or red
  5. Rub in with damp, soft sponge. Rinse well with water
  6. Verify all Iron X is removed and dry vehicle, avoid drying under direct sun
  7. Remove nozzle and replace cap after use to avoid leakage over time
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