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Nextor Heavy Cutting Pad 5" (Blue)

Nextor / Tools - Manual

Nextor Heavy Cutting Pad 5" (Blue)


Removes heavy defects instantly with low hologram results

  • The unique reticulated polyurethane foam provides a high-level corrective power
  • High-density foam shortens the cutting time
  • Firm enough to absorb shock from the dual action polisher, ensuring a holograms-free finish
  • Velcro backing, easy to use and unlikely to damage the paint
  • Durable pad that is cost saving

Nextor FlexiFoam Blue Heavy Cut Pad is specially designed to provide instant defect removal yet finishes down nearly perfect! Made of a unique aggressive reticulated polyurethane foam, this heavy cut pad has high-level corrective power which allows you to cut through severe scratches, oxidation and almost any other type of marking that can be found on a painted surface quickly.

Thanks to the high-density nature of the foam, this heavy cut pad significantly shortens the cutting time and leaves behind a fantastic finish. When using it together with a dual action polisher, this pad is firm enough to act as a shock absorber, allowing you to remove imperfections without leaving behind holograms. In short, this heavy cut pad instantly removes any defects that may dull your vehicle’s finish and restore your paint to like new again!

Besides, this Velcro pad is carefully designed. Its Velcro backed hoop & loop system is evenly trimmed without touching the outer edge of the pad, preventing any contact which may cause damage to the paint while cutting. Not only does it perform the cutting duty quick and safe, it is also a durable pad that helps to save your pocket too!


  • As it is very abrasive, please use with care and recommended for experienced users
  • Paint thickness gauges should be used to measure removal rates

Step by Step:

  1. Attach the Velcro backing plate on a Dual Action, center well
  2. Prime pad with 4-5 drops of your desired cutting compound
  3. Work on the surface on suggested speed
  4. Move back and forth on a single panel, each time work at a 2”x2” area
  5. When it is done, use a clean microfiber towel to remove any residue on the surface
  6. After use, rinse the pad thoroughly with warm water or wash it with a microfiber detergent, e.g. 3D Towel Kleen. If necessary, clean it with a stiff brush
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