Nextor / Deep clean

Nextor Decontamination Clay, 200g

Nextor / Deep clean

Nextor Decontamination Clay, 200g


Safely, easily and instantly removes embedded contaminants

  • Allows a fast, cheap and non-abrasive mechanical decontamination
  • Removes embedded paint contaminants effectively, such as iron powder, road tar, brake dust, bug debris, environmental pollutants, and even paint defects
  • Prepare the car to get the most out of waxing and polishing
  • Safe for all types of paint, including glass coating surface

Nextor Decontamination Clay is a powerful deep cleaning product, perfect for grabbing on to and removing stuck on, or embedded paint contaminants. When your paint looks a bit dull or feels rough to the touch, meaning there are contaminants collected and built up on your car. These can be iron powder, road tar, brake dust, bug debris, environmental pollutants, and even tiny bumps caused by paint discoloration, peeling, or oxidation. The contaminants are usually too small to see with the naked eyes, they adhere themselves to your paint and become difficult to remove with just soap and water. This is where claying comes in handy!

To remove embedded particles, simply rub the surface of the paint with Nextor Decontamination Clay. Due to the sticky nature of the clay material, it grabs the embedded particles and lifts them away from the surface safely, leaving behind an incredibly clean, and very smooth surface that is ready for wax/sealant application or even polishing.

In short, Nextor Decontamination Clay allows mechanical decontamination in a fast, cheap and non-abrasive way. It will not scratch the painted or glass coating surface, simply a must-have decontamination tool that you shouldn’t miss.


  • Never use the clay on a dry surface
  • Wear protective gloves during the application
  • Do not eat as it harmful to the body
  • Keep out of reach of children

Step by Step:

  1. Thoroughly washed, rinsed and dried the vehicle
  2. Access the painted surface to determine where claying is needed
  3. Work on a small 2’x2’ area at a time and saturate the painted surface with your choice of lubrication
  4. Spray the clay with lubricant as well to ensure proper lubrication. Then, gently rub the clay across the lubricated area in a back and forth motion
  5. For dark cars, please rub lightly and avoid over-rubbing the surface
  6. After completing a section, wipe off the surface using a clean, dry microfiber towel
  7. If needed, polish the painted surface to remove any scratches or micro-marring
  8. Apply protection in the form of wax, sealant, or ceramic coating immediately after claying
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