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3D Bead It Up Super Hydrophobic Sealant 16oz

3D / Protection

3D Bead It Up Super Hydrophobic Sealant 16oz


Hydrophobic Bead Maker

  • Fast and easy to use – Spray-on, wipe-off.
  • Creates a super hydrophobic surface that protects the paint and beads water like crazy!
  • Makes your car’s paint feel super slick and slippery.
  • Cross-linking polymer technology creates a strong bond to any smooth surface.
  • Universal Ceramic Coating Booster.
  • Topper for waxes and sealants.
  • Use on dry car or as a drying agent after washing.
  • Protects against water spots, bird droppings, bug splatter, airborne pollution, industrial chemical fallout, traffic film and pollen.
  • Use on paint, glass, chrome, polished aluminum, all types of trim, all types of wheels, exterior and interior plastic surfaces as well as gelcoat boats, motorhomes, trailers, and all types of aircraft.

3D BEAD IT UP is the ultimate spray-on paint and multi-surface protectant that actually does what similar products claim. There are hundreds of spray-on protectants that all claim to make water bead while protecting the paint. Most will do this initially but not only do they not last very long the also leave the paint feeling tacky or rubbery. Many also turn the surface into a dust magnet defeating at least one of the reasons we all detail our cars.

3D BEAD IT UP is a costly formula, not a cheap me-too product. It uses the best chemistry created in 3D’s own laboratory. Some of the ingredients 3D BEAD IT UP are unique in the world. They use proprietary chemistry invented by 3D.

So good it can stand on its own as a dedicated sealant. While we market this as a spray-on coating booster and topper for other waxes and sealants, the bonding of this product to a surface is so strong plus the hydrophobic surface it creates as well as the gloss, shine and most important – slickness – you can actually use this as a booster, a topper, or a stand-alone sealant. It simple leaves other products in this category in their own dust.


  • Do not apply in direct sun and apply it in good ambient lighting area
  • Decontaminate the paint with BDX ,possibly a Orange degreaser if necessary
  • Paint should be completely clean and free from oil, solvents, or wax before applying Reload for better durability

Step by step:

  1. Shake well
  2. Spray 2 sprays directly on a microfiber towel or on the paint and spread out left and right and then up and down over an area of 2 to 2.5 sq. ft
  3. Work it into the paint evenly
  4. Switch to a fresh towel, or preferably plush towel, and buff the area until no residue remains
  5. Check after each panel before moving on to next
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